How much do we pay?
That cost is dependent upon the style of apparel. If you are using a standard T Shirt it is less than if you are using Hooded Sweatshirts.

Do I pay per color?
The amount of colors in a design is a factor in the price.

Do I pay more for images on both sides?
Yes, if you want images on the front and the back it does cost more than if you were to choose one side or the other.

Why don’t you list your base price for single color single side apparel?
It is difficult to list a price before knowing the complexity of the requested design. A simple string of text can use less vinyl than a line drawing of a bridge, and can also take less time to prep before applying to the apparel.

So, you use heat press vinyl for your shirts?
Yes, in most cases the industry standard Siser brand heat press vinyl is used. In some cases a screen print transfer is used when the design requires it.

What brand and make shirt do you use by default?
Gildan Heavy Cotton is our go to blank. If a customer prefers a different brand or style we do what we can to accommodate.